Zach P sketch tube 14mm with 2 slides

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    700 obo
    20180415_225159.jpg Barely used and in like new condition Zach P sketch tube... its a 14mm female with a removable down stem.. also comes with 2 bolt slides both 14mm and 1 stand. The Slide with stand is ti signed and dated ZP12... I tried to get it on photo but it didn't show to well..

    I'm parting ways with this dude because i snatched up a new rig and can not justify keeping this dude around. I'm asking $700 shipped obo.Thanks!

    20180415_185143.jpg 20180415_185153.jpg 20180415_185158.jpg 20180415_185209.jpg 20180415_185242.jpg 20180415_192010.jpg 20180415_192053.jpg 20180415_191942.jpg 20180415_191950.jpg
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