GIANT Glass accessories thread - Dishes, Domes, Nails, Silicone, etc.

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    Hi BMers, I did well with my other accessories threads (now closed) - time to offer a few new things and merge all the unsold stuff into a new post.

    Everything is in perfect condition (unless otherwise noted).

    A. Korey Cotnam 18mm Dome with hand ground joint, worked black/red/white patchwork section, black lip wraps with encalmo lines and bitch window milli marble: asking $65
    B. Mobius Matrix 5.5" 18/14mm downstem with matrix diffuser: asking $60
    C. El Hefe 2009 white/black retti dish: asking $50
    D. MNP (Max Polin) thick sandblasted retti dish: asking $40
    E. Arik Krunk (AK) old school worked nail/dabber (broken head): asking $40
    F. Freeek 14mm female worked slide w/ horn: asking $40
    G. Freeek 14mm female worked dome w/ horn: asking $40
    H. Aric Bovie 10mm female dichro dome: asking $35
    I. Diamond Caps Quartz Standard Carb Cap: asking $30
    J. Highly Educated DualiTi Titanium Nail (well seasoned): asking $30
    K. HIVE 14/18 Ceramic 1-piece Domeless Nail (brand new): asking $20
    L. Chameleon Glass thick spoon pipe: asking $20
    M. Grant MIDAS Menzies fully worked dish: asking $20
    N. HMK (Hash Masta Kut) Honeycomb dish: asking $15
    O. HMK (Hash Masta Kut) red retti dish: asking $15
    P. Lurch Pink/white/black dish w/ Lurch milli: asking $15
    Q. HMK (Hash Masta Kut) white/black/red retti dish: asking $15
    R. VaporBat portable vaporizer (for use with cigarette lighter): asking $15
    S. Lear 2014 red retti dish: asking $10
    T. STOK Large Silicone Container (brand new): asking $10
    U. Highly Educated Old School Titanium Dabber: asking $10
    V. Highly Educated 10mm Flux Titanium Nail: asking $10
    W. BPG Dan Kooper 2011 Ti signed hollow dish: asking $8
    X. Blue Anodized Aluminum Grinder: asking $5
    Y. Aqua Lab Technologies 18mm Top Load Dome: asking $5
    Z. Aqua Lab Technologies 14mm Top Load Dome: asking $5
    AA. 710 Dabpad (w/ new sponge): asking $3
    AB. Slide Right Joint Protector (brand new): asking $3
    AC. ROOR Phunky Feel Joint Tip Rasta Logo (brand new): asking $3
    AD. Aqua Lab Technologies 18mm Glass Nail Medium: asking $3
    AE. Aqua Lab Technologies 14mm Glass Nail Medium: asking $3
    AF. Boro Syndicate 14mm Divited Quartz Nail: asking $3
    AG. Aqua Lab Technologies 18mm Glass Nail Short: asking $3
    AH. Black Keck Clip 18/14: asking $3
    AI. White Keck Clip 18/14: asking $3
    AJ. Green Keck Clip 18/14: asking $3
    AK. Unknown worked spiral dabber/pendant: asking $3
    AL: Unknown white dish: asking $3
    AM: Oil Slick Clear Bong Condom (brand new): asking $3
    AN: Oil Slick Blue Bong Condom (brand new): asking $3
    AO: Oil Slick Medium Silicone Container: asking $3
    AP: Oil Slick Medium Silicone Container: asking $3
    AQ: STOK Medium Stackable Silicone Container: asking $3
    AR: Highly Educated Black Aluminum Dabber Stand: asking $3
    AS: Short Spoon Pipe: asking $3

    As before, I'm willing to do $5 off each additional item worth $10 or more, no limit... OR
    a freebie $5 item - your choice!

    Shipping and PP fees are free on me via USPS First Class, Priority, FedEX Ground or similar within continental USA. Minimum order is $20.

    Please check my excellent feedback and PM me with any questions prior to dibbing. I am happy to provide additional photos upon request.

    Thanks for looking!

    BM Accessories 01.jpg
    Slides 11 small (1).jpg Slides 12 small.jpg Dishes 03.jpg Accessories 05.jpg
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    "dibs" on the he nail

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