2015 Sonnumberfour Reverse Torus $1200 shipped

Discussion in 'Glass For Sale' started by TheLungOG718, Dec 30, 2019.

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    Reverse Torus created by sonnumberfour about 3 weeks before he left MotherShip. I was told that this piece is 1:7. Comes with a 2nds mothership grey dial swing set. Will be shipped in a pelican

    IG = @the_lung_og For function videos ImageUploadedByBOROMarket1577723207.374633.jpg ImageUploadedByBOROMarket1577723217.176060.jpg ImageUploadedByBOROMarket1577723262.866354.jpg

    * there is clouding in the neck as shown in the pictures. I believe a basic soak would get rid of it*
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