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  1. 420Dankasparagus420
    SG collector! King bub, Worked diffy tube, 44mm inv4, 44mm stemline
  2. PieceLoveNGlass
  3. papperson
    IG: @kastigart
  4. Sovereigntyobsessed420
    Sovereigntyobsessed420 Tronman76
    Hey mate
    Im usually strictly Sovereignty but i have too ask, i do like this piece . can you do any better or is your price firm ?
  5. Sovereigntyobsessed420
    Sovereigntyobsessed420 Jordie
    What style 50x5 are you after?
    I might be able too help you or at least keep an ear open for yah.
    what 50x5 were u talking about ? or confused me with someone else ?
  6. Sovereigntyobsessed420
    Sovereigntyobsessed420 Jordie
    So yeh man, contacting you regarding your Mini Pillar. Can you do any better then 2k ?
    And you dont know anyone with a 3-8 triple bore or 3-griddome do you ? would b more then happy too chuck u a finder's fee . and i guess a peyote a/c clear and also f worked sg dry a/c ....
  7. Sovereigntyobsessed420
    Sovereigntyobsessed420 Jordie
    Hey man
    I have a few SG for sale, few gems too like an imp-8 triple bore f accented , fair few.
    I dont have a 50x5 though ? i have a 44mm fixed 4, only 44mm tube i have, no 50's. sadly the base is broken and idk what to do / where too send it.. and had a girl JUST smash my sg dry a/c, peyote a/c and carbon filter..
    IF you have any of the above lmk..
  8. Sovereigntyobsessed420
    Sovereigntyobsessed420 Burak
    Hey mate, is your fixed 4 -8 tripe bore still for sale ?
    if so, ill take it. 1k for the tube, and yeh ill cover all shipping cost's and get tracking and some insurance on her.
    Hopefully hear from you soon mate, if you have any other SG for sale lmk ! esp if you have a 3-8 triple bore or 3-griddome natty neck f accented or close too
  9. Sovereigntyobsessed420
    Sovereigntyobsessed420 Cole132
    Hey mate
    I was interested in your Pillar, i was just wondering if we could talk about it and yeh get it all organised.
  10. AllieSalazar
    I'm 20 years old, not 47. I have no idea how to change it lol.
  11. Sovereigntyobsessed420
  12. Sovereigntyobsessed420
    Sovereigntyobsessed420 Burak
    LOVE THE DP. Bugattiiiiiii
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  13. Sovereigntyobsessed420
    Sovereigntyobsessed420 Burak
    and sorry if you have any up close pic's of the 4 arms and esp all the work / sbing etc that would b dope <3
    1. Burak
      Supercarzofnewyork check it out on insta I have pics
      Jul 10, 2018
  14. Sovereigntyobsessed420
    Sovereigntyobsessed420 Burak
    sorry for the read man
  15. Sovereigntyobsessed420
    Sovereigntyobsessed420 Burak
    LMK if you have any SG or would b interested as i have a bunch of clear / semi accented / almost f accented gems going up for sale RN
    I know your not down for trades and thats G, usually im not either i get it but yeh , maybe something might take your eye :)
    If you ever see any SG pad's or pure cbd backrub pls lmk too hey :S Broken back n 5 places..
  16. Sovereigntyobsessed420
    Sovereigntyobsessed420 Burak
    Sorry, also, what is the best price you can do if i cover all shipping ? 100% on the tube , im gonna Dib's it RN , if you really want that LMK, but if you could give me the best offer you could accept on it ( Comes with original slide ? and 2 logo's ? sorry just cant see the 2nd, the base is a repair yes ?
    1. Burak
      Jul 10, 2018
    2. Burak
      The pipe is used only 5 times mint condition 10/10 everything is included
      Jul 10, 2018
  17. Sovereigntyobsessed420
    Sovereigntyobsessed420 Burak
  18. Sovereigntyobsessed420
    Sovereigntyobsessed420 Burak
  19. Sovereigntyobsessed420
    Sovereigntyobsessed420 danimal420
    yo man, pm me the best price u can do for this piece, and as long as it comes with the original matching worked slide, ive always wanted too try a toro .
    Was thinking of getting the arm-arm verison but yeh lmk the best price you can do for this piece and i might grab this instead . i do like the work .Pendy too please <3
    Cheesr bud , hopefully get a pm from you soon !
  20. Sovereigntyobsessed420
    Sovereigntyobsessed420 drew hunt
    Oh, no slide my bad.
    Are the price's you set the best you can do on the inv 4/peyote mini pillar's ?
    And 170 firm for the Toro A/C.. ?