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  1. Sovereigntyobsessed420
    Sovereigntyobsessed420 Burak
  2. Sovereigntyobsessed420
    Sovereigntyobsessed420 danimal420
    yo man, pm me the best price u can do for this piece, and as long as it comes with the original matching worked slide, ive always wanted too try a toro .
    Was thinking of getting the arm-arm verison but yeh lmk the best price you can do for this piece and i might grab this instead . i do like the work .Pendy too please <3
    Cheesr bud , hopefully get a pm from you soon !
  3. Sovereigntyobsessed420
    Sovereigntyobsessed420 drew hunt
    Oh, no slide my bad.
    Are the price's you set the best you can do on the inv 4/peyote mini pillar's ?
    And 170 firm for the Toro A/C.. ?
  4. Sovereigntyobsessed420
    Sovereigntyobsessed420 drew hunt
    Cheers mate . Probably the only toro piece i'd grab, not a fan of anything but sg tbh, grid's for life lol.Thats y toro went down when sg started putted gridded tubes out i guess . circ still stacks tho so yeh, lmk
    Hopefully hear from you soon - SO
  5. Sovereigntyobsessed420
    Sovereigntyobsessed420 drew hunt
    Btw, do you still have the 4 arm pillar for sale ?
    If so, its clear.. with a slide ? how much are you askking ?

    Probably just grab the toro circ as long as shipping is all good .
    Just curious hm holes it has / if you have a close up of the the circ..?
  6. Sovereigntyobsessed420
    Sovereigntyobsessed420 drew hunt
    Hey mate
    How many holes does the Toro Circ 90m degree A/c have? and any label wear/tear ?
    If your fine too ship too Aus, i think i will grab it
  7. bakelumbo
  8. Jason Reese
    Jason Reese
    Piece is available
  9. Jebby
    Jebby Kd41
    Interested in kingstem
  10. Ross Smith
  11. 252grams
    252grams PotDragon
    Hey man can you send me a PM or find me on instagram? @brickktop
  12. bubbie11
    bubbie11 danimal420
    interested in a sexy elbo bronto for the low? Comes with signed pelican
  13. PotDragon
    Trying to upgrade to Gold membership. Got hit with 5 grand in vet bills, needing to liquidate some stuff I thought I'd have forever.
  14. andrew71o
    andrew71o 521
    I can't post after subscription please help
  15. Henri
    not sure what this is in relation to? The $20 shipping for which item?
  16. Henri
  17. Boojswah
    Boojswah Henri
    hello Shipping to the UK is 20$
  18. Dak420
    Ak tube, and some ak jars. Plus Andrew Mitchell pipes, Vogel pendants and much more. Get at me fam
  19. Omar Karmalawy
    Omar Karmalawy hpidriver
    hey! i was wondering if you could private message me! thanks!!
  20. Headyhighsonly
    Headyhighsonly LiftedJosh
    Hey man, you have any ryno pipes fs?