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  1. 252grams
    252grams PotDragon
    Hey man can you send me a PM or find me on instagram? @brickktop
  2. bubbie11
    bubbie11 danimal420
    interested in a sexy elbo bronto for the low? Comes with signed pelican
  3. PotDragon
    Trying to upgrade to Gold membership. Got hit with 5 grand in vet bills, needing to liquidate some stuff I thought I'd have forever.
  4. andrew71o
    andrew71o 521
    I can't post after subscription please help
  5. Henri
    not sure what this is in relation to? The $20 shipping for which item?
  6. Henri
  7. Boojswah
    Boojswah Henri
    hello Shipping to the UK is 20$
  8. Dak420
    Ak tube, and some ak jars. Plus Andrew Mitchell pipes, Vogel pendants and much more. Get at me fam
  9. Omar Karmalawy
    Omar Karmalawy hpidriver
    hey! i was wondering if you could private message me! thanks!!
  10. Headyhighsonly
    Headyhighsonly LiftedJosh
    Hey man, you have any ryno pipes fs?
  11. Headyhighsonly
    Headyhighsonly j_dawg
    Hey man, any ryno pipes?
  12. Headyhighsonly
    Headyhighsonly euro_boro
    Hey man, any ryno pipes?
  13. Sovereigntyobsessed420
  14. Sovereigntyobsessed420
    Sovereigntyobsessed420 sovglass
  15. Sovereigntyobsessed420
    Sovereigntyobsessed420 sovglass
    G-line - Imperial
    Hey mate, Still got the piece for sale ?
    I'm looking for quite a few pieces. that one is somewhat on the top of my list, I just got a worked stemline - imperial , bent neck though, is this a natty neck ? Either way id be keen on both , 75mm though..?
    Looking for a fair few pieces, especially an sg gridded 4 arm ash catcher ;
    Sovereignty Ashcatcher stand / single 18.8mm stand
  16. Sovereigntyobsessed420
    Sovereigntyobsessed420 JacobC
    Hey mate, is the Upgrid Stemline - Imperial still available ??
    1. JacobC
      Sep 17, 2017
    2. JacobC
      Also it's a downgrid.
      Sep 17, 2017
  17. valuedprophet
  18. markschneider1991
    markschneider1991 xmumblerx
    Sure I'll take 150
  19. Headyhighsonly
    Headyhighsonly Tjjensen710
    Yoooo TJ?

    Interested in the Mothership u posted..... can u send over more close-ups of the perc, bottom of the base and a few more full piece pics?
    1. Tjjensen710
      Yes! I've been out all day, once I get home I'll send them right over for you
      Jul 21, 2017
  20. Timothy Price
    Timothy Price Mike Green
    interested in your toro swiss A/C. 18mm right? couldn't remember if they even made those ones in 14mm