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  1. ester
  2. TokinSmokin
    TokinSmokin goodtimes420
    Hey I saw you made a post a year ago about wanting an Embur cordless lighter. I have 2 that still work great. Let me know if your interested.
  3. nicknml
    nicknml Elliot Kim
    Hey, saw that you may have some 2018 21stcentury BC tube available with AC, just wanted to see if it was still available? Thanks!
  4. Sovereigntyobsessed420
    Sovereigntyobsessed420 longhorntrader
    hey mate
    is your g8 still for sale ??
    if possible, would you consider a payment plan ? i wouldnt expect you too ship it till ive paid in full, and ill cover shippoing 100% and pay u an extra 1-200usd for doing it.

    Hope too hear back from you soon
  5. KKOG Glass Gallery
    KKOG Glass Gallery
    ' strawberry fields- nothing to get hung up about "
  6. KKOG Glass Gallery
    KKOG Glass Gallery
    ...back from vaca ....back to work
  7. Herb Ert
  8. Chai Eckley
    Chai Eckley
    Looking for a dry tube
  9. Cobblestone
    Looking to aquire some bearclaw..
  10. bubbie11
    bubbie11 Purpyyy
    Instagram or #?
  11. Stevin
    Stevin Burak
    Hey is your Sovereignty Fixed 4-8 still for sale?
  12. Nealpurk
    Nealpurk Alize303
    Are you interested in trading/selling the circ to tree Perc you posted on the 7/13 shrub for sale post?
  13. Stevenvega55
    Stevenvega55 joeydonuts
    I’m interested in the toro
  14. Aaron Wald
    Aaron Wald skatershane
    Hey. I'll buy the toro for 250. Can you ship it asap my rig broke haha
  15. 420Dankasparagus420
  16. PieceLoveNGlass
  17. papperson
    IG: @kastigart
  18. Sovereigntyobsessed420
    Sovereigntyobsessed420 Tronman76
    Hey mate
    Im usually strictly Sovereignty but i have too ask, i do like this piece . can you do any better or is your price firm ?
  19. Sovereigntyobsessed420
    Sovereigntyobsessed420 Jordie
    What style 50x5 are you after?
    I might be able too help you or at least keep an ear open for yah.
    what 50x5 were u talking about ? or confused me with someone else ?
  20. Sovereigntyobsessed420
    Sovereigntyobsessed420 Jordie
    So yeh man, contacting you regarding your Mini Pillar. Can you do any better then 2k ?
    And you dont know anyone with a 3-8 triple bore or 3-griddome do you ? would b more then happy too chuck u a finder's fee . and i guess a peyote a/c clear and also f worked sg dry a/c ....