Trading Profile of Tobybologna

  1. Good Trader. shiped when he said he would. packaged well. A+

    • Trader
    • AlexH (48)
    • Oct 14, 2017
  2. Great seller. Great shipping.

  3. Great seller - reliable and easy to deal with

  4. Thanks for the great buy!

  5. Smooth as butter, delivered instantly, all around great

  6. Another smooth transaction

  7. A+++ Excellent!! Gangster Dosa. Threw in a free dabber, Toby is the man!

  8. great seller! flexible, quick and good shipping. Would recommend to anyone

  9. Immediate Payment Great BMer A+++

  10. Lightning fast payment. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with again.

  11. good seller

  12. Great Seller, great communication and fast shipping

  13. legit guy, fast shipping and everything packed well

    • Buyer
    • fry'D (10)
    • Dec 6, 2012
  14. Dudes awesome all around.

  15. Great seller, package arrived quickly

    • Buyer
    • mrebb (9)
    • Nov 2, 2012
  16. Great buyer. Sent payment quick. A++++++

  17. Thank you Toby

    • Buyer
    • Bogrow (60)
    • Sep 19, 2012
  18. Fast shipping

  19. fast payment

  20. Cool guy and shipped quick.

  21. A+ double boxed FFFFAAAASSSTTT!!! shipping

  22. Love the slides, looking great thanks again!

  23. A+++

  24. Valued member of the community

    • Buyer
    • les96 (25)
    • May 25, 2012
  25. Toby is the man; Best of the Best. Shipped Fast. A++ Thanks BAUSS

  26. Great seller, shipping and communication were A++

  27. instant payment..sorry for the late feedback. thanks toby!

  28. Fast shipping. Good packaging! A++!!

    • Buyer
    • I198di (29)
    • Apr 23, 2012
  29. unbelievable buyer, very understanding

    • Seller
    • KH922 (49)
    • Mar 25, 2012
  30. Good guy to buy from, very fast shipping

  31. Lightning fast payment, hope you enjoy the Holder. Thank you very much, Coughins

  32. A+ transaction! Thanks again

  33. patient in times of postal slackness,nice guy

  34. Paid quick:no mess no stress

  35. Great buyer. Payment made at light speed. A+

  36. Great seller, super patient - Couldn't be happier!!

  37. once again, very easy to work with. Thanks

  38. Fast Payment thanks A lot ~

  39. Great Seller packaged great, fast shipper A++++

  40. Nice packaging! Great seller, thanks again

  41. Smooth transaction with Tobybologna!! quick response, way chill dude. A+++

  42. very smooth transaction. thanks

  43. Awesome seller, super fast shipping! thanks again!

  44. love the glass, fast safe shiip

    • Buyer
    • HBGBUB (13)
    • Oct 20, 2011
  45. Great Seller - Super Smooth Transaction - Very Happy Buyer

    • Buyer
    • PHL (7)
    • Oct 20, 2011
  46. Paid quickly, reputable guy and buyer!

  47. Piece arrived in brand new condition. Shipping was rapid, sent next day.

  48. Great Buyer, quick payment, thanks man

  49. Awesome seller, fast shipping, smooth transaction A++

  50. good buyer

    • Seller
    • Jcrzy (121)
    • Aug 16, 2011
  1. Great trader; prompt shipping, direct communication, takes good care of his stuff.

    • Trader
    • AlexH (48)
    • Oct 14, 2017
  2. Great seller, quick to ship and friendly to chat with.

  3. Boss buyer, quick to pay and no screwing around!

  4. Great buyer, no nonsense and coming with cash. Real McCoy.

  5. Great buyer, quick payment and easy communication

  6. Great buyer, quick to pay and knows what he wants

  7. Straight forward with payment, great buyer

  8. Great buyer, paid quickly

  9. Great buyer, quick payment and no messing around

  10. Quick shipper, great seller

  11. Great buyer, paid immediately, no bullshit

  12. Great buyer, patient and committed

    • Buyer
    • fry'D (10)
    • Dec 6, 2012
  13. Great buyer, straightforward and willing to pay

  14. Good buyer, knew what he wanted, no dicking around

  15. Good buyer, quick to pay

  16. Phenomenal buyer, straight to the point, no bullshit.

  17. Good seller, very quick to ship & easy to work with

  18. Brilliant buyer, instant payment. Serious mothafucka.

  19. great buyer, knew what he wanted and had the scrilla to boot.

    • Buyer
    • les96 (25)
    • May 25, 2012
  20. Fantastic buyer, quick to pay, serious about his offers. Boss man. A+

  21. Good buyer, a pleasure to deal with

  22. Great communication, dependable buyer

  23. Good seller, communicative and good packer

  24. Good seller, Good deal, good shipping, great glass

  25. A very serious buyer, new to this but quick to learn, A+

  26. Great buyer, quick to pay, easy to work with. A+

  27. Sent me a hops from overseas, great communication and packing from this guy, A+

  28. Little hitch but made up for it, great seller, great communication

  29. Very quick shipping, wonderful customer service, beautiful glass. A+

  30. Great seller, quick to ship and easy to work with.

  31. Quick to ship, easy to work with, great seller

  32. Well packed, remarkably fast shipping, easy to work with, great seller

  33. Great buyer, serious with inquiries and immediate payment

  34. Serious buyer, quick to pay, A+

  35. Great buyer, quick to pay, straight to the point

  36. Quick to ship, double-boxed, good seller

  37. Quick to pay, great buyer

  38. serious buyer, paid quickly

  39. Good deal, great seller, quick to ship and quality packing... A+

  40. Good seller, good prices

  41. Very quick to ship, safe packaging too, thanks fresh

  42. Quick, accurate, easy to deal with, A+

  43. Very good buyer, paid immediately

  44. Perfect wraps in an unbelievable timeframe. A+++

  45. Quick to ship, item as advertised, great seller

  46. Immediately made good on an offer, easy to work with and legitimate buyer. A+

  47. Quick to decide and even quicker to pay, no messing around, A+

  48. Very quick to ship, very easy to work with, great seller

  49. Dependable buyer, easy to work with, A+

  50. Great packaging, great speed, great price, A+++