Trading Profile of Loganthedog

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  2. QUICK shipping, good communication!

  3. Great seller, quick shipping.

  4. legit seller, fast shipping A++

    • Buyer
    • fry'D (10)
    • May 2, 2012
  5. Fast shipping, Awesome Seller, Thanks for the extras!

  6. 2nd time buying from the dog and smooth like his profile pic lol quick shipping

  7. great seller, good communication and quick shipping.

  8. AMAZING seller, super nice guy, really appreciate it! Thanks!!!

  9. Great Seller! Great communication! Fast shipping!A+++

  10. Awesome seller, quick shipping, and solid communication A+ thanks again!

  11. excellent seller, quick ship

    • Buyer
    • chi (43)
    • Apr 12, 2012
  12. this guys can pack a nail! =) great seller =) good fast shipping too!

  13. Super fast shipping! Great to work with! A+++

  14. Fast, excellent service!

  15. A+ Seller!

  16. Quick shipping, Great dude.

  17. A+, Fast and Professional

  18. Fast Payment, very easy transaction. A+

  19. Great seller, butter smooth transaction, even though he likes the Jets

  20. Awesome dude, quick on payment and a pleasure to deal with. Thank you A++!

    • Seller
    • LOUDER (49)
    • Oct 5, 2011
  21. Fast shipper and easy to work with. Thank you.

  22. FAST SHIPPING. id buy from again :)

  23. A++++++ Logan is the mfing man do yourself a favor buy a dish TY!!!!!

  24. Amazing Slides, Amazing Seller, Thank You!!!!!!!!

  25. Fast Shipping, Solid Guy, would buy again.

    • Buyer
    • waneb (7)
    • Sep 13, 2011
  26. A++++ would so biz nes anytime. Great guy fast shipping/pm ing

    • Buyer
    • pjmblr (18)
    • Sep 13, 2011
  27. fast shipping, dope glass dope seller

  28. Fast Shipping, easy communication.. A+

    • Buyer
    • Moose (10)
    • Sep 8, 2011
  29. Awesome, thanks for the rapid everthang, good seller

  30. Fast response. Thanks again, man!

    • Buyer
    • waneb (7)
    • Sep 4, 2011
  31. THANK YOU from Your Highness Glass :)

  32. everything arrived on time and packaged very well. great dude to work with

  33. everything A+ here, thank you

  34. Fast shipment and pro-packaged. A+ seller Thx

  35. extremely convenient, great seller, will do business with again A+++++

  36. Excellent Seller!! fast shipping!

  37. Absolutely lightning fast shipment as well as a hella fair price!

  38. Loganthedog is a model buyer. OBEY HIM. A+++

  39. great doing business with him payment was fast and on point!

  40. great buyer, great experience, fast payment and excellent communication!

  41. Totally on point!Prompt,courteous and supercool.AAAAA+++++

  42. Quick to decide and even quicker to pay, no messing around, A+

  43. logan paid up quickly and is a cool dude to deal with

  44. Easy to work with, A+

  45. this is for TWO more items. Paid in minutes! killer buyer!

  46. Fast payment, Good communication. A+ Buyer!

  47. Very cool dude, quick payment and communication A+

  48. This guy is QUICK:fastest ever reciept of a bm dibs

  49. Another super easy transaction with the man! A+++

    • Seller
    • squr3l (58)
    • May 18, 2011
  50. Great buyer, paid instantly, and cool to talk to! A+++

    • Seller
    • squr3l (58)
    • May 16, 2011
  51. great communication, fast shipping, couldnt ask for more!

  1. Super Fast Payment, Great Communication, A+++++

  2. Super Fast Payment, Great Communication, A+++++

  3. Fast Payment, EZ Sale, Thanks!!!

  4. Awesome Buyer, Super fast payment, great communication, thank u!

    • Buyer
    • fry'D (10)
    • May 2, 2012
  5. Great Buyer, Fast Payment, Thanks!!!

  6. Great Buyer, Super Fast Payment, Great Communication, A+++++

  7. This is the 2nd time I've done business with Double L, and this dudes the man!

  8. Great Buyer, Fast Payment, Welcome to BM!

  9. Legit Dude all around! Quick2Pay, and great communication. Thanks token!

  10. Great buyer! Fast payment! Thank you!

  11. Great buyer, fast payment, good dude, thanks!

  12. Great buyer, fast payment, A+++++

    • Buyer
    • chi (43)
    • Apr 12, 2012

  14. Amazing buyer who pays immediately. Thank you! Wish every buyer was you!

  15. Great Buyer, Good Communication, Thanks Yoshi!

  16. Super Fast Payment, Great Communication, A+++++

  17. Great Buyer, Fast Payment, Good Dude, A++++

    • Buyer
    • Bogrow (60)
    • Jan 30, 2012
  18. Don't sleep on Chinaman. Some of the best rigs for under $100. A++ Thanks!!!

  19. Great New Member, Super Fast Payment, A+++, Welcome to BM.

  20. EZ Sale, Good Dude, twas a Pleasure to pop ur BM feedback cherry.

  21. Super fast payment, great communication, EZ all around, THANKS!!!


  23. My buddy loves the M. Gong --- thanks!!!

  24. Quick Sale. Proud to call Burns my friend, even when he wears his Deep-V's.

  25. Great Dude, Fast Shipping, Thank You, A+++++

    • Seller
    • LOUDER (49)
    • Oct 6, 2011
  26. Fast Payment, Great Buyer, EZ Sale, A+++++++

  27. Can we get this guy a real subscription? Great Dude, A+++++++

  28. Good Dude, Great Communication, Fast Payment, Enjoy the Daddy-O Dish

  29. OBEY THE OWL!!! Amazing Buyer, Immediate Payment, That's The Truth Ruth...

  30. Fast Payment, EZ Sale, Good Dude, A+++

  31. Fast Payment, Good Guy, EZ Sale, A++++++

    • Buyer
    • pjmblr (18)
    • Sep 9, 2011
  32. Fast Payment, Great Buyer, EZ Sale, A+++++++

  33. This Guy's Legit, Another Sale, Fast Payment, A+++++

    • Buyer
    • waneb (7)
    • Sep 9, 2011
  34. Great Buyer, Immediate Payment, Good Dude, A+++++

  35. Fast Payment, Good Dude. Happy to pop ur BM cherry!

    • Buyer
    • waneb (7)
    • Sep 4, 2011
  36. Great Buyer, EZ Sale, Thank You Moose.

    • Buyer
    • Moose (10)
    • Sep 4, 2011
  37. Great Artist, Good Dude, Thanks Dirt!!!

  38. Fast Payment, Great Buyer, EZ Sale, A+++++++

  39. Great Artist, Fast Ship, Sick Price, A++++

  40. Cool Dude, Met Locally, EZ Sale, A++++++

  41. Great Buyer, Super Fast Payment, EZ Sale, A+++++

  42. Hpi is the man, period. Fast pay, EZ Sale, A++++

  43. Great Dude, Super Fast Shipping, EZ Deal, A+++++

  44. Great Buyer, Immediate Payment, EZ Transaction, A+++++

  45. Awesome Seller, Great Prices, Fast Ship, Good Dude, A+++

  46. Fast Shipping, EZ Transaction, Good Dude.

  47. Fast Shipping, EZ Transaction, Good Dude.

  48. Toby is the man, Amazing deal, and i couldn't be happier. Thanks Brother.

  49. Good Dude, Fast Shipping, Solid Communication, Nice Price.

  50. Amazing Seller, Solid Glass, Fast Shipping, Cool Dude, and....FREEBIES