Trading Profile of greenthumbdanny

  1. Great Buyer, perfect transaction, A+++

  2. A+ seller, fast shipper, quick communication

  3. Great transaction. Most appreciated :)

  4. great seller...always a pleasure to do business with... thanks greenthumb and bm

  5. Fast Shipping, Great guy!! Thanks again!!

  6. An asset to the BM community. Great guy, prompt payment, man of his word; thanks

  7. A++ great interaction/communication...

    • Seller
    • shine (52)
    • Aug 4, 2012
  8. Thank you Green Thumb! A+ BM member for sure!

    • Seller
    • quix (146)
    • Jul 27, 2012
  9. Great Buyer!!! Supa Fast Payment!! Guy did what he said he would do. RESPECT

  10. best buyer on bm yet greenthumb dont fuck around thnx GREEN and BM

    • Seller
    • gnob (63)
    • Jul 22, 2012
  11. great buyer...gtd is a great guy!! pleasure to do business with!!

  12. Quick shipping, nice guy, packed well. Thanks!

  13. A+

  14. Fast payment, excellent communication!

  15. Great buyer, fast payment. A+++++

  16. Great seller! Fast shipment! Ez to deal with!

    • Buyer
    • beatss (18)
    • Apr 26, 2012
  17. Quick smooth transaction, A+

  18. easy to work with. thanks!

  19. Complex trade worked out without issues. GTD is the man!

  20. Great buyer. Fast to communicate. Sent funds promptly as soon as he had them. A+

  21. Trustworthy buyer. Very cool guy A++

  22. Paid Quick, No issues

  23. Man of his word. Payed exactly when he said he would no problems. A+

  24. Great buyer, very responsive and polite.

  25. The. Fuckin. Man. Seriously legit, super nice, quick payment, couldnt ask more!

  26. Great Buyer. Fast payment A+ BMer.

  1. >>Great Transaction!<>corn roll dome is baller status

  2. Real swell guy>>fast payer<<

  3. >>Powers is a perfect example of how a gold member should be<<

  4. payed super quick>>excellent bm'er<<<

  5. Bids on a pillar>>wins the pillar and doesn't want to pay.shitty bmer imo

  6. >>love the hitman x snoddy<

  7. >>mad skillz<

  8. bought a pendant>>looks super amazing<

  9. love my 18mm bust dome

    • Seller
    • Stix (8)
    • Aug 3, 2012
  10. >>>love the rainbow macro<

  11. talented fella my 1st dome

    • Seller
    • quix (146)
    • Jul 26, 2012
  12. >>Excellent BM'er here folks<

  13. >>>excellent dewd>>Very easy to communicate and work with

  14. Solid dewd<>Prob one of the best BM'ers here folks

    • Seller
    • gnob (63)
    • Jul 20, 2012
  15. AAA dewd here, smooth transactionm my item was deliverd fast and bombproof.

  16. Lovin them. had to buy 2 more black and slyme dabbers<

  17. >>Another SG Pillar arrived bombproof<<

  18. thanks for the AK slide

  19. another swell guy here on bm>>great seller and shipper<<

  20. slimer macro is the shizz>>ty<

  21. great bm'er here>>super fast shipping<

  22. Real professional here at BM folks<

  23. >>Great seller here on BM folks<

  24. Love my dabber bro

  25. >>>Awesome dude right here BM<<<

  26. very trustworty>>thank u<<

  27. >>Great seller here on BM folks<<

  28. >>Probably one of the best sellers on here at BM<<

  29. >>thanks for the AK slide<

  30. Good Seller>>thanks a bunch<<

  31. Real professional here at BM folks<

  32. Good Seller>>thanks a bunch<<