Trading Profile of gongfreak

  1. What can I say. Great Transction! Fast shipping from UK and packed as good as it gets! Thanks

  2. Fast payment. No problems at all.

  3. Great person and better communication than I. Also fast shipping.

  4. Great Buyer, good communication, thanks again

  5. Great communication, easy transaction!

  6. Nice guy and very reasonable.

  7. Awesome seller, crazy good shipping and fast from the UK!

  8. Great seller, excellent communication and super fast shipping!

  9. Good communication and fast shipping. Would do business with again.

  10. Awesome member. Great communication. Sent payment promptly. A+++

  11. Amazing guy, GREAT to work with!

  12. Great Trade, Awesome Packager, Everything as mentioned A++++

    • Trader
    • Scrill (39)
    • Jul 25, 2012
  13. great buyer. paid fast. easy transaction!

  14. Sent me a hops from overseas, great communication and packing from this guy, A+

  15. Great communication, fast shipping, great seller.

  16. Great guy to deal with. Good shipper. A+++++++++++

  17. Great buyer, fast to respond. A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

  18. Awesome guy, fast payment and great communication.

  19. Great guy to work with... Bombproof badass... legend among men

  20. Super fast payment, smooth transaction!!

  21. Excellent seller, very quick to ship, great communication, A+

  22. Awesome Guy to deal with!!

    • Buyer
    • Texas (20)
    • Dec 5, 2011
  23. Quick payment

  24. A+++ Seller. This guy should write the book on bombproofing

  25. A++ buyer, paid promptly, smooth transaction!

  26. smooth transaction, very easy to deal with A++

  27. paid fast, easy transaction.

  28. Great Buyer, Instant Payment, EZ Transaction, Nice Guy, A+

  29. great buyer! not worries

  30. I slacked HARRRD on shipping and gongfreak more than kept his cool. thanks man.

  31. Smooth Transaction! Enjoy GonGfreak!

  32. Great Buyer, instant ninja paypal payment.. Thanks! A++

  33. Great buyer!! Paid fast. Easy transaction!

  34. Great buyer, fast payment. Thanks again!

  1. easy to deal with dude

  2. Great buyer,great packing,nice guy

  3. traded an AK slide for a USTubes collab

  4. Great artist who does lighting quick customs for amazing prices

  5. A smooth transaction with this guy,fast payment and communicative A++

  6. A pleasure to deal with,paid instantly after dibsing.fantastic boromarketer

  7. helpful and communicative throughout,shipped internationally for me

  8. A+ very easy to work with and paid prompty,asset to the community

  9. A+ very easy to work with and paid prompty,asset to the community

  10. nice guy,easy communication and swift payment,rock on brotha

  11. This dude couldn't have been more helpful,good communication and packaging

  12. great seller

  13. An asset to the community,payment was timely and communication spot on A+++

  14. Thanks for an easy trade scrill!communication/shipping times/packaging all +++

    • Trader
    • Scrill (39)
    • Jul 27, 2012
  15. A+ships quick and communicative

  16. patient in times of postal slackness,nice guy

  17. Ships quick,packs well..A+

  18. great buyer,didn't get vexed when customs held his piece for a week..A++

  19. Ships fast,packs nicely AA++

  20. took forever,items missing from package

  21. nice guy.communicative and quick to pay A++

  22. Nice guy to deal with

  23. Paid quick:no mess no stress

  24. packed well,arrived quick..A++

  25. pays quickly,good communication,asset to the community

  26. Great buyer,paid quick,communicative..

  27. easy guy to deal with,paid fast,A++

    • Buyer
    • Texas (20)
    • Dec 5, 2011
  28. awesome double boxing skills..

  29. Arrived really quick,and a great price to boot

    • Seller
    • Damios (6)
    • Jul 6, 2011
  30. Paid fast,thanks ftnw1023 for an easy first BM sale

  31. easy to deal with,helpful,quick shipping

  32. truly bombproof,arrived quickly,thanks bro

  33. arrived packaged well,with freebies...fantastic

  34. This guy is QUICK:fastest ever reciept of a bm dibs

  35. communicative guy,nice colourwork

  36. Send this man money:he will send you SIIICK glass

  37. jblazefour tweezle is a BORO legend! nomesayin'?

  38. Wow quick shipping,well packaged,great glass,thanks

  39. Awesomely quick shipping,great glass,a good guy

  40. AWESOME work,i believe the eye on this looks more organic than SALT's

    • Seller
    • Muph (31)
    • Jan 21, 2011