Trading Profile of givend

  1. Bought two plinkos for a steal

  2. Got a dope Domino Elephant for a steal!

  3. Great seller, got a Freeek half retail

  4. Great seller!

    • Seller
    • Exos (8)
    • Feb 1, 2014
  5. Great seller!

  6. great deal on two prototypes, fast shipping

    • Seller
    • Slk011 (235)
    • Dec 31, 2013
  7. great seller gave me a great deal on two pieces

  8. great seller, mad cheap healthstone

  9. great seller, shipped fast

  10. awesome skimask cherry blossom rig, great shipping

  11. Awesome tmnt slide for cheap, great shipping

  12. Awesome DG rig for cheap! great shipping

  13. Great seller gave me a great deal on a mobius and a sg, shipped quick

  14. great seller, awesome unique swiss perc pieces

  15. great seller, packaging was sufficient

    • Seller
    • Slk011 (235)
    • Oct 22, 2013
  16. great seller, got nail quick and in bomb proof packaging

  17. Great seller! Got a nice dabber for a great price

  18. great seller, safe and quick shipping

  19. Great seller, cool free pendant with purchase

  20. Great seller, got package quick and pics were good.