Trading Profile of Chris Vargas

  1. great work. fast shipping and good communication

  2. beautiful art and great seller

  3. great artist

  4. great artist, awesome dude

  5. Quick communication, fast and safe shipment

  6. good communication

  7. Great Artist, Quick & Safe shipper

    • Buyer
    • gvkr3p (42)
    • Jul 14, 2012
  8. stoked on my new vargas dish! thanx

  9. fast shipping...amazing work thanks!

  10. Exactly as stated Great art and workmanship Fast ship Excellent packing. Thanks!

  11. Fast shipping, great work, thx!

  12. beautiful dish, thanks so much for the quick shipping!

  13. great artist! was super patient with my busy schedule! thanks so much!!

  14. Great price, great packaging. Thank you again for this.

    • Buyer
    • Kaz420 (5)
    • May 1, 2012
  15. handled all the issues, good seller

  16. Quite the purdy pendant, thanks again chris!

  17. ti pen smooth transaction

    • Buyer
    • hook (41)
    • Mar 31, 2012
  18. took a little long but had good communication.

  19. Great Dude, Wonderful communication, quick shipping A+++

  20. Great Art, affordable price, fast shipping. A+!

  21. Great seller, great price I am Stoked !!!!!

  22. Vargas hooks it up! A great artist! thanks a lot!

    • Buyer
    • dmarsh (16)
    • Feb 17, 2012
  23. Great artist very talented indeed, fast and easy too!! Highly recommended!

  24. Very easy to deal with, highly recommended

  25. Flawless piece! Shipped fast and safe!

    • Buyer
    • lsdftw (20)
    • Feb 1, 2012
  26. Amazing work and super easy to deal with Thanks a ton!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. piece was as described, will do business again

  28. Fast shipping, very clean work, great communication! A+

  29. A++ glass from an A++ guy. Very smooth transaction

  30. Another great transaction. A+++++

  31. Great artist! Definitely gunna get more Vargas. Awesome packing and shipping

  32. Awesome marble! Super smooth transaction! Great guy to do business with!

  33. Awesome marble!

  34. TRUE BOSS! Even hooked it up w/ the Tracking #. Looking forward to next purchase

  35. great communication and packing, would definitely do business with Chris again

  36. Great Artist and a fantastic BM seller. Communication & packaging were perfect.

  37. Excellent Seller/Artist, we'll do business again

  38. Good seller, good artist A+

  39. Solid Seller/Transaction

  40. A great artist, awesome piece, killer service/shipping. Thank you Chris & BM!

  41. awesome artist, awesome shipping, awesome price

    • Buyer
    • HBGBUB (13)
    • Oct 17, 2011
  42. Great Transaction and even better work, stunning marbles for the price!

    • Buyer
    • Mr G (41)
    • Oct 14, 2011
  1. payment was after a couple of days, no big deal to me. would do business again

  2. Worked out deal. Followed through. Would do business again

  3. Great buyer, once again. Will do business whenever

  4. Will always do business with this great buyer!

  5. Meflahblah has been a good person to deal with

  6. great buyer... quick payment. would love to have repeat business

  7. Super quick payment, appreciates glass, would love to do business again

  8. great buyer... quick payment. would love to have repeat business

  9. Great buyer. Fast payment. Quick feedback. I hope to do business again

  10. great buyer. quick payment. quick feedback. would do business again

  11. had a hiccup on payment, but I would still do business again. good buyer

  12. great buyer... quick payment. would love to have repeat business

    • Buyer
    • Kaz420 (5)
    • May 1, 2012
  13. great buyer. quick payment. would do business again

    • Buyer
    • hook (41)
    • Apr 16, 2012
  14. Great buyer. Quick payment. I had a hiccup and he was very understanding

  15. great buyer.. paid quickly. would love to do business again!

  16. Once again an awesome buyer. Really appreciates the art. Great experience.

    • Buyer
    • dmarsh (16)
    • Feb 22, 2012
  17. great buyer... quick payment... would love to do business again

  18. I had a shipping issue and judge was very understanding. great buyer!

  19. Great experience. Fast payment. hope to do business again

  20. Super fast payment. Great customer. I hope to do more business

    • Buyer
    • lsdftw (20)
    • Feb 2, 2012
  21. quick payment... awesome guy... hope to do business again

  22. Payment was quick, no problems... would do business again

  23. posted bid, with "up to" pricing in thread, and never purchased item he bid on

  24. Great transaction. True Bears fan! Would love to do business again

  25. Another solid transaction from my man chaz. I dont ever expect any different.

  26. Great buyer. Payment was quick. Would love to do more business

  27. quick payment... great communication. hope to have repeat business

  28. great buyer... quick payment. would love to have repeat business

  29. Great buyer. Fast payment. Quick feedback. I hope to do business again

  30. Great buyer. And really appreciates his glass. Glad to have him as a buyer

  31. quick payment, no delays, great transaction

  32. Great communication, Quick payment, I would do business again

  33. payment was quick, good buyer. will hopefully do business again

    • Buyer
    • Zeus (3)
    • Nov 5, 2011
  34. Great communication, PMO arrived within a week

  35. quick payment, no delays, great transaction

  36. Quick payment, no delays. good deal

    • Buyer
    • HBGBUB (13)
    • Oct 18, 2011
  37. payment was quick, and no problems with transaction

    • Buyer
    • Mr G (41)
    • Oct 11, 2011