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  1. Great Seller! Fast Communication! A++

  2. great buyer, enjoy the custom breaking bad set!

    • Seller
    • Hoosier (119)
    • Apr 25, 2013
  3. Great buyer, quick payment and no messing around

  4. great buyer, fast payment, enjoy the dome!

    • Seller
    • Hoosier (119)
    • Jan 25, 2013
  5. fast and easy, thanks

  6. awesome lidded jars!!! fast delivery!

  7. Sent a damaged item, replaced it free of charge! Awesome service! A+++

    • Buyer
    • atm348 (83)
    • Jan 30, 2012
  8. great transaction, quick shipping, very nice 14/18 combo glashtray

  9. 6 inverted micros. 100% quality work. Great job.

  10. beantown glass owns!

  11. great seller, the glasstray is a dont do it justice. thanks BTG

    • Buyer
    • AGold (46)
    • Dec 9, 2011
  12. awesome seller!! A++++

  13. great seller awesome product!

  14. Great Communication and Transaction! A+ seller

  15. GonG jars for crazy cheap and packed bomb proof A+

  16. A+ seller, A+ product.

  17. great jars!! thanks again!!

  18. Micro is the Best concentrate jar out there.

  19. thanks for the jar, great seller thanks

  20. Excellent seller, piece is perfect.

  21. Great deal , thanks for all!

  22. great buyer, A+

    • Seller
    • Jcrzy (121)
    • Jul 14, 2011
  23. Instant Payment,Zero Hassle!! Great Customer.

  24. Awesome jar. Got here fast. A+

  25. Great Communication and was cool as the other side of my pillow

  26. Excellent product. Fast shipping. Should consider making a stashtray.A+

  27. Awesome seller, fast shipping, product better than described and the extras, WOW

  28. paid quickly, a pleasure to deal with!

  29. Bought my 2nd Glasstray, and waiting on the 3rd!

  30. A+ Buyer, no hassles

  31. I dont know how I lived without my Glasstray

  32. great buyer. ez deal with and fast pay..thanks again

  33. A++++

    • Buyer
    • iRip (32)
    • May 17, 2011
  34. Great transaction, thank you!!! A+++++++ love the jars and extras!!!!

  35. Nice Product, Good Price

  36. All around great experience with Boojeeah, A+ buyer

  37. Solid, works did I survive without a Glashtray?

  38. Boojeeah is a great seller with great glass thanks dude

  39. smooth transaction, very easy to deal with A++

  40. great product

  41. A+

    • Buyer
    • klaxes (47)
    • Apr 9, 2011
  42. A+ Boro member. Very easy to work with. Dab away man!!

  43. Great seller, great product. good packaging. a++++++

  44. Great seller. Quick responses, fast and safe shipping and sent a free extra.

  45. great buyer, highly recommended

  46. Good Member and zero hassle! Thanks and have a good one bro!

  47. Great buyer, paid quickly, reccommended!

  48. Great seller that takes care of his customers. A+

    • Buyer
    • jakker (5)
    • Apr 6, 2011
  49. Enjoy the ADS tube boojeeah, Thanks again!

  50. “A"

    • Buyer
    • KOST (7)
    • Apr 6, 2011
  1. Skyhigh979 can't speak higher of, TRUSTED BM OG STATUS

  2. Love the budder ball, ALWAYS holding it down, thanks again!

  3. A+++ Superb shipping and promptness

  4. Knickertoker has the gnarly glass A++ Shipping and Customer service

  5. A+++ Excellent!! Gangster Dosa. Threw in a free dabber, Toby is the man!

  6. Excellent service A++

    • Seller
    • Hoosier (119)
    • Jan 31, 2013
  7. Sick E. Ross!! a++ shipping and speed!

  8. Awesome experience, shipped promptly! A+++

  9. Excellent buyer! Highly recommended. A+++

  10. lockenload always supporting BTG!!! Thanks again homie!

  11. Excellent buyer, paid promptly, good communication A+!

  12. Very hard to find item shipped promptly and boxed perfectly, good communication

  13. Amazing art, beatiful creature. Dosa FTW.

  14. A+ Buyer, highly recommended, great communication

  15. A+ Buyer, paid immediately!! Excellent communication

  16. Paid promptly, would recommend to anyone! A+

  17. Paid promptly, would do business again, A+

    • Buyer
    • Coined (18)
    • Nov 19, 2011
  18. Paid promptly, would do business again, A+

  19. Paid promptly, would recommend to anyone! A+

  20. Great buyer, very positive experience, enjoy the jars! Thanks again.

  21. A+++ Jack is a pleasure to deal with and an amazing artist, highly RECOMMENDED.

  22. Another great transaction with fresh as always!

  23. Excellent experience, paid promptly, highly recommend.

  24. Reed is always great, positive experience! A+

  25. Amazing Devol marble, absolutely psycho... Threw in some sick freebies!!!

  26. Excellent purchaser, paid promptly, and had an incredible suggestion

  27. Excellent purchaser, large order and great taste!!

  28. Excellent buyer A++ Fast payment!

  29. The man to deal with, absolutely beautiful piece

  30. Great buyer, super easy to deal with, A+++

  31. awesome e.ross 4.tee nail!! we'll miss ye bangorang...

  32. NOT RECOMMENDED - Buyer worked out a deal in pm, never paid, 0 communication

    • Buyer
    • Dotman (0)
    • Apr 29, 2011
  33. Enjoy the glashtray! Prompt payment A+

  34. A+ Buyer, quick payment enjoy the glashtray!!

  35. Absolutely awesome, amazing and innovative glassblower and on top of his game!

  36. A true glass master, bombproof shipping and prompt!!

    • Seller
    • ROOster (102)
    • Apr 22, 2011
  37. Awesome accessories, 1st class shipping!! wawaweewa

  38. bombproof shipping, sick slide!!! hazey is the man.

  39. Excellent buyer and a good dude here a true OG ;)

  40. Excellent buyer, fast payment, good communication A++!

  41. a&g always hooking it up with the sick glass! shipped faster than I could blink.

  42. E. Ross is SICK! Fast shipment!

  43. Excellent buyer, fast payment, good communication A+

    • Buyer
    • klaxes (47)
    • Apr 6, 2011
  44. fast payment, good communication, superb buyer! highly recommended.

  45. Excellent Buyer A+

  46. takin' it to the dabstore all day long. thanks again.

  47. Highly recommended purchaser A+++ Would do business again anytime.

  48. Joelexx galaxy dish off the chain, fast shipping in a RIDICULOUS bombproof box.

  49. Unbelievable fro slide, this guy was thorough and bombproof

  50. Great buyer! Quick payment!