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  1. A+++++ quick payment and great communication.

  2. Great buyer, fast payment, thanks man

  3. blankrider is the man, A+

    • Seller
    • rjSC (27)
    • Apr 17, 2013
  4. bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla, but yea this guy's legit A+

  5. great fast buyer. dont hesitate.

  6. quick payment good communication

  7. Fast Payment, Easy to deal with. A+ Buyer

  8. great buyer, fast payment, would do business with again

    • Seller
    • Hoosier (119)
    • Oct 19, 2012
  9. Cooler than the other side of the pillow

  10. Great buyer, good communication A+

  11. good buyer

  12. Fantastic bloke to deal with!!! Thank you!!!

  13. Helped me out a lot by snagging this! Immediate payment, stellar guy. A+

  14. sorry it took so long to get feedback, Merry Christmas!!

  15. great buyer again!!

  16. Knows how to do business!

  17. Quick payment and easy communication , great transaction

  18. Paid promptly, would do business again, A+

  19. Instant payment. Great guy

  20. A+

  21. All good.Highly recommended!!!!!AAAAA+++++

  22. A+ Buyer. Fast payment & good communication.

  23. great guy fast payment! A++ thanks again!!

  24. Great buyer. Paid fast. Smooth Transaction- thnx!!!

  25. Fast payment and fast response

  1. Great deal on skillet and fast bombproof shipping. A+

  2. Boro farm periscope shipped to my door for $40, can't go wrong with easysteezy

  3. amazing deal on a killer slide. Fishbone is the man

  4. gave me a great deal on a Toro slide and slime lip dome

  5. i got what i paid for so i can't complain

  6. good deal on a nice tube and shipped bomb proof A+

  7. toaster5 is polite with great communication, knows the meaning of bombproof, A+

  8. Great extractor for small runs, amazing packing and freebies. A+ seller

  9. good deal on worked domes, good packing and fast shipping

  10. Amazing artist, Super nice person, Great packing, Sweet deal, A+ seller

  11. Great deal on HE style ti nail, I might have to order a couple more, A+ seller

  12. Out of this world deal! and it looks even better in person. A+ seller

  13. Army set is 2 sick, this guy packs double bomb proof & knows how 2 do business

  14. fast shipping and good packing, A+ seller

  15. Alex K downstem for cheap, shipped fast, packed well, A+ seller

  16. galactic dish and dabber set makes me feel fancy for only $50. Great seller A+

  17. Crazy deal on dish and dabber set. Rainbow is awesome

  18. GonG jars for crazy cheap and packed bomb proof A+

  19. just what i needed to clean my a/c

  20. killer dabbers, bomb deal, and cool ass seller A++

  21. crazy sweet deal, fast shipping, bomb proof packing

  22. sweet deal and fast shipping

  23. super thick and looking sick

  24. great deal, fast shipping, bomb proof packing