Trading Profile of AGold

  1. Easy transaction. Wouldn’t hesitate to do business again

  2. Quick paymemt and great communication

  3. Fast payment and good communication

  4. Quick payment and good communication

  5. Smooth transaction, and immediate payment

  6. Great member, smooth transaction

  7. No hassle, pleasure to do business with

  8. Pleasure to deal with, would def do business again.

  9. Great buyer, great communication and cool dude. Would do business w/ him again

  10. Great seller, good communication, pleasure to do business with

  11. No worrries here, would def do business with aryaiscool again

  12. Easy to work with, would def. do business with again

  13. great seller, would do business again, without hesitation

  14. pleasure to do business with

    • Seller
    • heeb91 (28)
    • May 27, 2013
  15. Smooth transaction, easy to work with... no worries here BM

  16. Solid BM member. Easy to work with

  17. Great BM member. quick shipping, had my peice the day after i sent the payment

  18. Great transaction, pleasure to work with

  19. Great BM member, fast payment and good communication. No worries here

    • Buyer
    • Aox (5)
    • Nov 17, 2012
  20. Great guy, pleasure to deal with

  21. pleasure to deal with, fast payment and good communication

  22. Fast payment, easy to deal with and great communication

    • Buyer
    • Nikkor (3)
    • Oct 7, 2012
  23. Easy transaction, pleasure to deal with and fast communication

  24. Great transaction, very easy to work with

  25. Easy transaction, fair deal and fast shipping. No worries here bm

    • Seller
    • ReidEQ (33)
    • Jun 27, 2012
  26. good transaction, easy to deal with

  27. Great BM member. easy to work with

  28. Awesome nail. Paid for my item on friday, had it monday

  29. Backed out of a dibs, after telling me the money was coming for months

    • Buyer
    • dole (-1)
    • May 19, 2012
  30. Great transaction, very easy to work with

    • Buyer
    • candrw (13)
    • Apr 7, 2012
  31. hassle free and fast shipping

  32. Very quick payment, simple and easy transaction

  33. Easy communication and quick payment

  34. Like everyone else has said..Fair and easy to deal with,and a great member of BM

  35. Great seller, thanks again

  36. like everyone else has said. great guy, easy communication and quick payment

  37. smooth transaction and great communication

  38. great communication and fast shipping

  39. great guy, easy to deal with

  40. simple transaction, item was well packed

    • Seller
    • Coined (18)
    • Feb 3, 2012
  41. great seller, quick shipping

  42. great transaction, really easy to work with

  43. easy to work with, thanks

  44. easy transaction and flawless piece

    • Seller
    • derski (10)
    • Dec 19, 2011
  45. very easy to work with, paid and responded quickly

  46. great seller, the glasstray is a dont do it justice. thanks BTG

  47. Great transaction, very easy to work with

  48. great seller, awesome work, shipped and packed nicely. thanks again Gabe

  49. very easy to work with, responded quickly..thanks

  50. Quick shipping, easy to work with